Willow Tree Blessings

In White Sage Blessings and Easter Blessing Prayer we shared a little bit of scandinavian tradition. There is a very old practice of bringing willow branches into the house as a house blessing. Old world practices like willow branches bring spring into your live a little bit earlier, lift your spirits, and give you a chance to practice your gift of being able to ask and influence the energy of your surroundings.

Not everyone believes in the power of prayer, the ability to heal and transform a life, or the energy alliance that exists, even if unseen. Many “old world” traditions and practices are still used today, even if the original meaning has been lost. If you research the traditions of christianity, you’ll see that many of the old world traditions that challenged the new “christian ways” were not cast out by the new church. In fact, many old world traditions were adopted or adapted by the church as a way to bring the old world believers into the church. Some of these traditions, such as the use of incense during church services, appear to parallel the use of incense and white sage smudging known in eastern faiths and native rituals.

willow tree blessingsWillow Trees and House Blessings

Having shared this perspective of the crossover in beliefs and traditions, perhaps we could say that “if we embrace our differences we will see that we are all the same”.

How do you bless your home?  When you see this question, what was your response? Is it something you have thought about in the past, or does this question seem new to you?  Given some thought, and seeing it in a new perspective, you may begin to see how much time and energy you give to blessing your home, or you may have a strong desire to “up it” at this time!

How can you bless your home?  Here are a few ways, but this list is in no way complete!

  • incense, candles, aromatherapy
  • dusting and cleaning (yes!)
  • feng shui arrangement of furniture
  • Artwork of blessings: in feng shui that can be frogs, or it could be angels.
  • Energy healing
  • Plants that clean the air
  • Live flowers for color and aroma

I remember, as a child, seeing willow branches in the house in early spring. The warmth inside inspired early blooming. How could a few bare branches in a vase of water make such an impact? There is hope that spring will soon arrive. Hidden in the midst of all the “stories” we can share about how willow branches in the spring impact our energy and mood, and symbolize this or that, there is one important point. It is your ability to take action, influence the energy in your life, and encourage the world around you.

Willow Tree Blessings

Why the willow? This amazing tree has flexibility like no other. As for our human nature, it’s all about balancing between our willful unyielding ego’s and being able to see that we don’t always have expected the amazing blessings that come our way.

Can you use willow as a part of your house blessings?  Yes, you can bring in willow branches in the early spring. You can also bring in willow tree angels as an energetic support and symbol of the life energy you want to live within.

willow tree angel of prayerDo you believe there are angels in our midst? Would you turn to divine spirit for guidance and support?

Artist Susan Lordi has captured the spirit of angelic support in her artwork with the Willow Tree Blessings collection. Susan hand carves each original. The Willow Tree Blessings available on Amazon are not originals of course, but they are beautiful reproductions of Susan’s blessing-oriented work.

How many millions of individuals wear a cross around their neck as a symbol of their faith?  If using white sage smudging, symbolic artwork, or gemstone jewelry, helps you refocus after a difficult day, then so be it. Use whatever helps you, so long as it does no harm to yourself and others.

White sage smudging can be a very powerful tool for managing your own energy and the energy dynamics in your personal living space. It is one of many tools you can use like a compass to guide you in a direction that includes support and productive thinking.

Using images of divine spirits and angels, and bringing these symbols into your home is a way of giving permission for this level of support. Remember to give thanks, and renew these relationships over time.

Willow Tree Blessings on Pinterest

Here are a few willow tree profiles in pinterest that you might enjoy!

Willow Tree
Willow Tree Angels
Willow Tree Angel Figurines

Willow Tree Blessings © 2014 Ava Saadi. All rights reserved, WhiteSage.org.

Image credits: Willows of Vétheuil, 1880, Claude Monet.

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