Why Do I Giggle When Doing a Sage Smudging?

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A reader asked what may seem to be a silly question, “why do I giggle when I’m doing a sage smudging?” This seemingly trivial question is packed with a tremendous amount of energy and intuitive meaning.

Why do I giggle when Sage Smudging?

Many of us can see that early childhood remembered face of mom giving us that, “don’t embarrass me” look. How many times were we told not to goof around, and to try to be more serious. They did their best, our parents, trying to teach us what was right and wrong, and what deserved our most solemn attention.

As we grow we learn values, how to pray, and what is honor. What then does it mean if someone giggles during a ceremony that is supposed to be filled with respect?

Sage Smudging and Emotional Release

It’s funny, pun intended, that during a time in which we open ourselves on a soul level for prayer, honor, and healing that we’re supposed to keep ourselves “in check” and be reserved. Isn’t our time of prayer the one time we can open up, share who we are, and let go of the tight lock we keep around our feelings?

I’ve seen it in others, and had my own bouts of giggles during intense times. Sometimes it seems we have no other way to let an overcharged response be released. Is it disrespectful? Not necessarily.

Sage smudging is one of the many ways to step into a safer space. It’s a time when we can let go of our burdens and heal our heart and soul. During a sage smudging we can cry, rejoice, reflect, and simply be who we are without the everyday judgment of the world hanging over our heads.

Worry not about the giggles, and pay more attention to the message you are conveying when you get those giggly moments. Is it a message of love, or one of contempt? What did you ask for when you decided to do a sage smudging, did you ask for healing or release?  There’s an old expression that is just is true today, “Be careful what you ask for, you may get it”.

Have a wonderful time with your white sage smudging sessions!

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