White Sage Smudging Without the Smoke

By definition, smudging is smoke.  Many cultures have used smoke in a ritualistic way, believing that the smoke carries our thoughts and prayers into the sky, to the creator.  A sage smudging ceremony can be used for many purposes and in many places, but any use of smudging carries the same intentions: to clear away negative energies, and bring blessings.

In some cases and conditions it would be inappropriate to bring out your white sage wand and wave smoke around the room.  In these situations you can bring the essence of white sage, cedar, and sweetgrass in the form of an energy clearing mist.  This method allows you to still have the essence and energy along with the aroma, but without the smoke.

White sage is by far the most popular herb used for smudging and blessing prayer.  The sage smudge aroma is amazing, lifting us to our own higher spiritual level and carrying our thoughts and invocation prayer up to the powerful creative level of spirit.

White Sage Essential Oils

What exactly makes white sage such a potent healing and energy clearing tool?  It must be the essential oils contained within.  The essential oils of any plant are their life force, in a sense the soul of the plant.  Just as we consume plants to nourish our bodies we also derive benefit in many other ways.  Visually we nourish our own soul through the rich colors and textures of flowers and plants.  I feel that the essential oils speak to us on a strong emotional level, invoking thoughts and feelings to a greater depth.

White sage is a wonderful plant to include in any healing or blessing prayer.  The essential mist blends Guardian of the Light and Blessing of the Crystal Moon give you the plant essence for a non-smoke sage smudge in a pleasant spray form that guides you gently into a deeper meditative state.

Disclaimer: Whether you are using an essential oil or the smoke derived by smudging care should always be taken to assure that you and those around you do not have chemical sensitivities to sage, or breathing problems that might be aggravated by smoke or aromas.   It is the responsibility of the individual to properly research in the use of any essential oil or plant product.

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