White Sage Smudging With Smoke – A Simple Blessing

White sage smudging is known as a way to focus on honor, clear away negative energy, and instill a cleaner, more supportive energy. Many individuals use smudging by itself, with great results. Others combine smudging with prayer.

White Sage Smudging Prayer

white sage prayerIt’s one thing to hold the intent, it’s another thing to put that intent into words. How do you write an white sage smudging prayer?

There’s the basics: who, what, where, when, and why. Is the prayer to bring peace to those within your household? Is it meant for a certain event or gathering? What outcome are you asking for?

Your prayer can focus on six points. Four of those directions are the compass point: north, east, south, and west. The other two are Great Spirit and the ancestors, and Gaia, or mother earth.

White sage smudging prayers can be long and all-encompassing, or they can be short and to the point. Combined with the aromatic white sage smudging, a clear head, and an honest and giving heart, your blessing can be a powerful statement.

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