White Sage Smudging With A Personal Touch

People who turn to white sage smudging do so for a reason. Either they want to heal themselves, clear unwanted energies, or create a welcoming, happy space for living. It’s all for a positive reason, filled with thoughtful affirmations and good intentions. In this article we’ll discuss the why’s and way’s to create your own white sage smudging experience with a personal touch.

You Can Give White Sage Smudging a Personal Touch

Let’s go back to the basics we learned in school: who, what, where, when, why, and how.

white sage smudging kitWho is my white sage smudging for?

It’s all about life, isn’t it? For that reason let’s start with “who”. Exactly who do you have in mind when you think about creating a sage smudging event?

You might think of specific people who you are around every day. Or, you may have in mind giving honor to someone who has passed away. Your focus might be solely on yourself, and that’s okay, too. Sometimes you might not have a specific person or group in mind, but you just want to do something positive for the world around you. All these are good focal points.

What does it take to do white sage smudging?

You may have noticed a hint of humor in the question, “What does it take to do white sage smudging?” This thought takes me back to those “coming of age” movies where a great deal of thought is given to what is really important in life, and whether or not someone is willing to make the commitment and do what it takes. Well, I guess we are doing just that, giving thought to what we want, why we want it, and how to make that shift into a better life happen.

So, what does it take to do white sage smudging? For now let’s focus on the physical side of things, what tools you will use, where you will do your smudging, and how the things you choose make a difference.

Why am I thinking about white sage smudging?

This is the place where you can weave a story into your white sage smudging.  While there are times you might do white sage smudging for a certain reason, such as during a stressful time, or to deal with grief, you can also smudge for a blessing, or out of gratitude.

Find your story, and add the elements to release and transition:

  • Is there something to release?  If not, something to offer, such as gratitude?
  • Why are you offering whatever you offer? Do you seek healing, or want to share something wonderful with others?
  • What would you like to follow your release?  Clearing and unconditional love?
  • Remember to finish with Thank You / Aho.


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