White Sage Smudging Kits

What usually comes in a white sage smudging kit? Most kits have some kind of container, like a shell that you can use to hold individual white sage leaves. Kits can come with ideas as far as how to light your sage, and how to do a simple white sage cleansing.

Most important, your white sage smudging kit should come with a wand of white sage. Wands, or smudging sticks, are bundles of white sage that is tied together with cotton or hemp string.

white sage smudging kitYou can find some nice white sage smudging kits on Amazon such as this Sage Smudge Kit with Red Pheasant Feather Sage Stand and Shell. The abalone shell is a good size, and the feather is a wonderful tool for gently guiding the white sage smoke.

There are many other white sage smudging kits to choose from. Is one better than another? There is a matter of taste, choose what you find yourself attracted to, and consider quality and natural materials.

Enjoy your white sage smudging!

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