White Sage Smudging Incantation?

white sage smudging incantationIn the article When people turn to the idea of white sage smudging, they usually do so as a way to either change their current situation, change the energy in a space, or enhance something they have to say or offer. Today we’ll focus on the area of creating change, with a very specific look at how to go about creating that change. We will look at the reasons we desire change, how you feel, how you respond, and the affect your feelings have on your ability to create what you really want.

The light and dark side to incantations

Some individuals think there is an association with a practice such as white sage smudging and the word “incantation”.  While there are a few common threads, the word incantation is commonly associated with magic, sorcery, and casting spells. You will not find white sage smudging as a part of those practices. The common thread is that both incantations and spells are meant to bring about an intended change. One of the definitions of incantation is “ritual recitation of words or sounds”. That description could apply to most anything: prayer, goal setting, mantras, singing, even motivational speaking. The dividing line is found in determining what sort of change, and by what means. This is where the two practices part ways.

  • White sage smudging focuses on praise, respect, honor, and healing.
  • Incantations, when defined by spells, can be for healing or love, but they can also be focused on something harmful, manipulating someone without respect of their freewill, or intent on doing harm.

Feelings do get hurt, and our instincts can kick in, driving us to push away what is threatening or harmful. What happens to you, energetically, when that happens?  How can you get past the feelings of hurt or harm? How can giving attention to how you feel, deep down, affect the quality of your life as a whole?

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white sage smudgingIs White Sage Smudging An Incantation?

When I think of the word incantation, my thoughts immediately take me to thoughts about spells, something I choose to avoid in any of my practices. I do honor recognizing both the light and the dark sides, but I never recommend casting spells or incantations that are meant to do harm to others, for whatever reason. Those practices do not solve problems, they only create more layers to what might already be a complex situation.

Do no harm

Striking out and doing harm to others is damaging to both the target and the person sending that intent. Look at it this way: your energy goes where your attention goes. When you send out energy out of fear, anger, or resentment, you are distancing yourself from your own energy and power, and giving it to the other person. Is that your intent, to do harm, or is your intent to find peace, and be safe and loved?

Healing your defensive instincts

Have you ever felt like getting even, or carried a resentment or hurt, long past the time that harm took place? If your answer comes out with even a glimmer of desire to do harm, let it be for a moment. Don’t judge yourself, or cover it over in any way. We all have ego’s that can be bruised, and hearts that can be broken.

There are ways to get beyond your own defense mechanisms and restore your inner peace. Ask yourself why you want to hurt or punish that person. Was it something they said or did?

Next, ask yourself how their words or actions made you feel.

The next step is to honestly ask yourself, “is this the way I want to feel?” and if the answer is no, then ask “how do I want to feel?”

Finally, give your attention to how you want to feel: appreciated, loved, safe, warm, comfortable, joyful, released, free, embraced.

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