White Sage Smudging – Come on baby, light my fire

Is it right to infuse a little humor, even a little excitement into your white sage smudging session?  Some would say, “No, this is something serious, and it should be treated with honor.” But I say, “Come on baby, light my fire.”

Bring it on

white sage smudgingI know the difference between respect and disrespect, no question about it. What I have done here is take something that could invoke a response so that thought paths are created, and the ideas of honor, emotions, and the human experience are considered. We are human, no question about it. Our humanity can be seen as a weakness, but it can be seen as a resource as well.

We have a whole spectrum of emotional energies that we can invest in the things that we do. Why not bring a sense of joy to your smudging? What about enthusiasm, wouldn’t that enhance your desire to create a safe and sacred space?

Bring it on, come on baby, light my fire. I’m happy to invest my time and energy to shift the balance of energies in my favor. I’m delighted to be able to fuel my own thoughts and decisions with enthusiasm, joy, dedication, and appreciation.

White Sage Smudging – Come on baby, light my fire © 2013 Kavi Saphala, WhiteSage.org. All rights reserved.

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