The Truth About White Sage Smudging Bowls

whitesage.orgDo you really need a white sage smudging bowl?

There are many ways to handle burning white sage for smudging. Some prefer using a sage wand, which is branches and leaves bundled together then tied with cotton or hemp string. Others prefer to use loose white sage leaves.

There is no “better” way, use the method you like. Here are a  few considerations when choosing your white sage smudging bowl.

What kind of container should I use for white sage smudging?

There are many considerations on which container to use for your white sage smudging. Choosing the right container or bowl can have a big impact on the safety and management of your white sage smudging session.

    • Glass containers – if you chose a glass container it would be wise to fill your container partially with sand. This will keep the glass from getting too warm. If the glass is not tempered, which means treated to sustain heat, it could break from the heat of the burning white sage.
    • Shell containers – Abalone shells are very popular for use as a white sage smudging bowl. Yes, there can be heat transferred through the shell, so hold with caution. Abalone shells are not solid bowls, they do have holes in them. Keep that in mind if you plan on Abalone Shell.
    • Soapstone bowls – Soapstone is a softer stone, one that is often used for beginning stone carving. It does handle the heat quite well. I’ve not used a soapstone bowl for burning white sage, yet, but I am considering a Soapstone Scrying and Smudge Bowl I found on Amazon. I would also consider putting a little sand in the container first, then “planting” the leaves with the stems in the sand. For more info on soapstone click here.
Soapstone smudging bowl photo by Amazon/seller

Precautions with burning.. anything

Keep in mind that you are handling burning/smoking leaves!  Pieces of burning leaves can become airborne when you move your wand or container around. Make sure there is no risk of starting an unintended fire, or causing damage to clothing or furniture.

Also, think before setting your container down on any surface. Will it scratch, or cause damage from the heat emanating from the container?

Never walk away from any fire, even if just smoldering. Make sure all ambers are extinguished before leaving the area.

Have a wonderful time with your white sage smudging, and please do share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences in the comment section!

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