White Sage Smudging and Sage Cooking Are These Both Healing?

One of our readers asked the question, “I like the smudging healing parties my friends do, and I love the taste of sage, too. If I eat more sage is it just the same as doing smudging with white sage smoke?”

White Sage Smudging

What makes white sage smudging so special? It’s all about intent, giving thought to what we want, taking action, and being open to what has been requested. Wow, so much just in a little white sage smudging session? We have so much to give, our time, our attention, our love. All these are ingredients for a powerful white sage smudging session.

Is it the same when we cook and consume that food? We don’t typically cook with white sage, there are other varieties of sage that are much better for cooking.

Cooking with Sage

white sage blessings and cooking with sageWhen we cook with sage, or any other herb, do we retain the spiritual qualities of those herbs? Most herbs are sold in jars that end up sitting on our kitchen shelf for months, even years. How much of the essential oils, the spirit of the herbs, is retained when stored for so long?

What about our intent when cooking with sage and the many other herbs used in cooking? What do we think about, what do we offer to those who will consume those foods?

Here’s an interesting exercise: try adding a blessing to your cooking when you prepare your kitchen, when you add the herbs and spices to your food, and when you serve the food. What sort of blessing?  Here’s some ideas..

  • Offer nourishment and happiness to those who are sharing the meal with you
  • Ask that each person be blessed
  • Imagine those individuals surrounded by a circle of health
  • Give to each person sharing your meal a thank you and love for joining you on this day

Try turning off the distractions: the music, television, and computer, and turn on your heart and your imagination.  As you cook bring your focus to the purpose of food, the life of the plants and their nutrition. Give thanks to the earth for providing you such wonderful ingredients!

As you can see there are many ways we can combine healing and cooking, making our mealtime a time of joy, happiness, health, and sharing. Thank you for asking such a great question!

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