White Sage Smudging and Prayer Go Hand In Hand

Is it okay to combine prayer with white sage smudging, or does that break any kind of spiritual law?  What is prayer but a plea, a petition of a spiritual nature? How one prays is very individual, and religions teach many methods and rules about prayer, but there is one common thread between them all. All prayer is meant to come from the heart, from a sincere part of us, and is meant in honor.

morning prayer with white sageWe turn to the east in prayer, this simple part of the prayer process is known not just to islam beliefs but native american as well. We burn incense in eastern temples and in western catholic churches alike. We place our hands together with meaning as well, though many never give though to why.

Using Sage Smudging With Prayer

What if you add white sage smudging as a part of your prayer, does that enhance or lessen the prayer?

It was believed in ancient cultures that the smoke rises up toward the heavens, carrying prayers so they would be heard.  Doesn’t that signify that our intentions are real, when we ask and affirm our asking by our actions?

The smoke created by burning sage, sweetgrass, cedar or of the other plants considered to be spiritually strong are not meant to over-ride any prayer, not at all. It is meant only as a means of extending that prayer, expressing it to source.

Prayer Enhanced With Sage or Incense

Smudging with white sage, sweetgrass, cedar, or other natural essential plants is always done with intent and focus, and because of this it can be even more focused and driven than repeating prayers. This could easily be debated on either side, argued and fought over, but where does that leave us? It leaves us divided, and doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of prayer and white sage smudging in the first place?

Prayer is a very individual act, and we can enhance and freshen our spiritual-interactive space with all-that-is-divine by adding a new layer to our existing beliefs and shedding our limiting misunderstandings.

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