White Sage Smudging and Happiness

How do you bring more happiness into your life? Let’s spend a few minutes talking about the energetics of happiness, and some of the ways you can create a more powerful energy of happiness in the world around you.

white sage and happinessWhite Sage Smudging and Intent

This article isn’t a tutorial on how to do White Sage smudging. Instead it is a focus on intent, the foundation of thought and actions associated with White Sage smudging to achieve the desired benefits. This is why so many people use White Sage smudging ceremonies as a spiritual enhancement, to consciously release what no longer serves them, and invite in support for their next step in life.

White Sage smudging begins with a desire to free your energy and environment of negativity and other harmful energies. Those harmful energies could be your own thoughts, the lingering energy from a fight, disagreement, or simply someone being in a bad mood. The idea is not to judge others, simply to create a safe environment where everyone can be happier.

Happiness and Attitude

When it gets down to getting what you want, attitude does count. Let’s focus for a moment on the energy around your attitude, and how your attitude can make or break getting what you want.

First let’s start with the energy of “getting what you want”. How does that sound to you? What words come to mind? Write them down, right now. Don’t judge, all that does is add another layer to negativity.

Does “getting what you want” sound selfish? Is it negative, or bad? Is it manipulative? Okay, let’s ask the next question: Is “getting what you want” harmful to others, or yourself? It’s all about the attitude, intent, and outcome. Getting what you want can be a very positive thing, too!

Sharing the Happiness

Rephrase this any way you want:

“I want to be happy, and be with happy people” – what’s involved with making that statement a reality? Does it include something positive for you, well wishes for others, and together sharing that happy space? That sounds pretty good to me!

Happiness is a fairly high energy frequency. How do you sustain your feeling of happiness? By surrounding yourself with other happy people. What if the people you love aren’t all that happy? This is where you can influence others in a positive way, by your powerful intent for their happiness, and your own happiness.

A writer named Wallace Wattles once said: “Your thought make all things, animate and inanimate, work to bring you want you want.

White Sage and Happiness

Nature is a great advancing presence working beneficially for the happiness of all.
Wallace Wattles

White Sage smudging is focused on the alliance of earth, spirit, and our innate desire for the happiness of all. Life in nature is productive, with every living thing benefitting from other living things, and contributing to the life of others.  Happiness is an energy that supports and sustains life. It is something you can create any time, any place.

The writings of Wallace Wattles were created over 100 years ago, but the ideas still ring true. You can get the The Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles as a Kindle book (with free kindle reader software for PC or Mac) at Amazon.com for only a dollar. What a great investment for a whole lot of good ideas and inspiration!

Wishing you the greatest of happiness!

“Do not wait for an opportunity to be all that you want to be.”
Wallace Wattles

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Image credits: La jeune fille à la coquille, bronze, par Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (Valenciennes 1827-Courbevoie 1875). Cette statue est le pendant,réalisé ensuite, du Pêcheur à la coquille; le visage est celui d’Anna Foucart. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Cambrai. Artwork is in public domain.

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