White Sage and the Power of Intent

Just how important is the power of intent? It depends on the outcome you seek. In today’s posting let’s explore the power of intent, the use of white sage smudging to express that intent, and first things last, the outcome you desire.

white sage power of intent

The Power of Intent

Most of us do not focus on shifting energies until they feel something uncomfortable, or feel like they do not have control over their own life. Does that mean they are powerless?  Not at all.

The question is, “where is your power”. Within that question is the answer to why you cannot fathom or feel you own power.

Shifting Your Focus

You came into this world as a self-focused individual. As you grew you opened your eyes to the world around you, and became caught up in the interactive world. School lead you into the practice of listening to others, and paying attention to what was happening around you, shifting your focus outside of yourself.

To regain your power, or sense of self-empowerment, it is necessary to shift your focus toward a place that has your best interest in heart, and has the strength that can endure. By practicing this shift of attention, your energy will follow. Over time it will be more natural to already be in that place of centered, heart-felt appreciation.

Using Your Desired Outcome As Your Focal Point

This is where the power of intent comes into play. What is it that you desire? Going through an exercise of shedding the emotionally-charged “reasons” is a necessary step if you truly want to find inner peace and a stronger sense of self. If all you want is to “get even”, if you must cling to the pain and suffering, bent on being “right”, then you may as well move on, this article is not for you.

There is value in acknowledging your emotions, and bring focus to cause and effect. Your life is important, and you have every right to be happy and safe. Has your happiness and sense of well-being been taken from you? Not really, they have only been masked by an energy that is overwhelming and intense. Now comes the time to bond to what is yours, and let go of what is not.

White Sage Healing with the power of intent

  • Create a safe space with the intent of honoring and embracing your sense of well-being.
  • Allow the energies of others to flow back to them without mixing in your vital life-force energies.
  • At the same time, recall the energies you feel have been taken from you, or that you have directed outward “fixing things”, healing others, or creating a protective “shield” of energy to keep from being hurt.
  • Accept the stories of right and wrong and “who’s done what”, but remember, those stories are only one or two cards in the deck, they are not the winning hand.
  • Stand your ground, even if your vision of restoring well-being and happiness are only a faint glimmer. Use that light as your north star, your guiding force, and let all else fade out. Imagine stepping into that space of well-being so that you can build your recognition of that sense of “being at home”.

This exercise can be done with or without the sensory support of white sage smudging.  The power is within your intent, the tools are a support to help you achieve what you truly desire.

Do you like this article? Want more? Exercise your power of intent by commenting below.

White Sage and the Power of Intent © 2014

Image credits: artist Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) Self-portrait 1498.

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