White Sage Prayers and the Law of Attraction

There have been many uses of white sage and other varieties of sage for healing, medicine, spiritual and prayer. Sage is found in many parts of the world, so it is not bound by country, culture, or continent. Because of this couldn’t we call white sage a universal herbal catalyst? How can this universal healing herb be used to help us in both our prayers and our intentions, creating a powerful White Sage Attraction?

White Sage and the Law of Attraction

Iwhite sage prayerss there any connection between White Sage, Smudging, and the law of attraction?  Let’s do a little comparison:

  • The stronger our desire and the greater our commitment the more likely that we will receive what we ask for. In the same way the more we convey that prayer the more impact it creates.
  • White sage is a powerful herb, rich in essential oils, the “spirit” of the plant. Burning white sage for clearing, cleansing, and prayer releases that energy into the sky, the spirit world, and the realm of all possibilities.
  • It takes energy to create and transform anything and everything.Our use of white sage and the law of attraction together creates a stronger message of what it is that we want in our lives.

How to use White Sage with the Law of Attraction

One idea shared with me a while back is using white sage with the law of attraction. If you whisper your wishes into the smoke of white sage it is thought that your wish will come true.

Legend says that smoke carries our wishes to the heavens, or to Great Spirit and the spirit realm. We participate as well by forming thought, creating an intention, and then transforming that intention into words. The smoke then adds another layer of energetics to the “prayer” or intention. White sage smoke carries our voice to the universe. This is just the like the sound of a flute or the beating of a drum resonates and lingers, creating a stronger message.

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