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white sage smudging prayer live blessed
What is the whole point behind White Sage healing?  Is it aimed toward intentionally calling to you a certain energy, and a level of support.

There is great power in any white sage smudging prayer, to heal and enhance in an honorable way. You may begin with a simple thought of something you would like to change in your life, or something you want to improve.

You have a lifetime of experiences, and energy wrapped up in every moment in time: past, present, and future.

You also have an aspect of “you” that spans every moment of your lifetime, connecting body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

From a viewpoint perspective, you are able to experience the surge of emotions and the willfulness of the ego. Then there is the mind, injecting its own interpretation to make sense of it all. Your mind can blow things out of proportion, and it can take something amazing and wonderful, and minimize it into something insignificant.

Here you stand, ready to orchestra another moment in your life. What melody will you play?

What are the Powers behind white sage healing?

Events and the perceptions and impact on people can snowball in intensity. One breath of words can trigger thoughts and feelings, other memories, ego and beliefs. Something that was never even intended to be more than a thought could become a weight that is carried for years to come.

Just as the cause and effect can escalate and spiral, so can the White Sage Healing effect.

  • Who is involved?  Right now you may feel small and isolated, just one person in a really big world.
  • What happened? Now you have two places to stand, you in that moment and you now. This could be seen as being split, but it could also be seen as a bridge.
  • Why did it happen?  It’s not always obvious, and misunderstandings can happen. It may feel bigger than it really is, being linked to beliefs, old experiences. Could this have appeared as an opportunity to change something hidden in the background?
  • What affect did it have? Again we see the magnetic affect in play, with an event that brings many thoughts, emotions, and ideas to the surface. Imagine all the energy that goes in to burying old wounds? It takes air and support to heal a wound, and a little of your “light”.
  • What is your intent? Here is the opportunity to choose instant gratification, or choose to support who you are as a spirit in an amazing world, sharing this wacky life experience with so many others. Is there a way to make peace for all, finding a resolution that heals both you and everything else attached?
  • What do you desire as the outcome? Here’s where you can get creative, taking a step up to a new level of consciousness.
  • What you are willing to give (up)? Healing is always an exchange. You cannot keep the hard feelings and regain your lost happiness at the same time. You’ll have to be willing to let go of the bandages so that you can heal the wounds.
  • Are you willing and able to receive? The spiral continues to grow with the opportunity to gain more than just a simple “healing release”. Your entire life can change, even the impact of your earlier years can change, as you shift your energy and allow yourself to integrate the changes. From here.. such possibilities.

What sage healing be blessed fibonacci effect




Having A Middle, Beginning, and Ending

There is one point to be made: your energy goes where your attention goes. The middle is usually where we start “digging in”, right in the center of the story. This is the place where you find the most energy: emotions, thoughts, the ego and the heart. The best place to begin is at the beginning, with you – who you are, what you want to give and receive in life. Then give focus to the desired outcome – how you want to feel, where you see yourself.

Remember that your White Sage smudging prayer originates in you.  Live Blessed.

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