White Sage Healing or What?

One of our readers asked, “Can you tell me what exactly sage does, is it healing, do I eat it, or do I toss it on the fire when I’m camping. What is it and what is it supposed to do?”  Ah, do we detect a little humor in that question? Having been there when the question was asked it was easy to see that this reader knew the answer, but had to ask just for the fun of it!

White Sage for Healing

White sage has been used as a healing herb for centuries as a part of shamanic healing as well as ceremonies. What does it do? If you consider the idea that everything is energy, and that the “energies” of the world are all at different frequencies, like the keys on a piano, then white sage would be considered a harmonious tone.  The aroma of white sage is pleasant and inspirational.

What is more important than the energy of the plant itself is the thought that you add to any white sage healing or white sage ceremony. That means that the intention you keep in your mind gets into the groove with the intentions in your heart, which then blend with the energy of the sage and desire to create change by the people receiving the healing.

White sage healing can be very powerful. For those who say this is just a bunch of woo-woo just look around you: everywhere you turn there is someone teaching others to believe in certain ideals, agree to seeing things a certain way, and we’re told that to succeed we must be focused. This is all the same: intention and belief.

Is white sage healing? Yes it does have healing qualities held in the spirit of the plant known as the essential oils. This is no different than the value of foods, with a different variety of sage used in cooking for its aromatic and nutritional values.

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