White Sage Halloween Blessing for a Spirit to Spirit Connection

White Sage Halloween blessing, is there any connection between the two? It’s true, many cultures around the world have opened a space for a spirit to spirit connection in centuries past with white sage rituals and prayer circles. If it’s not white sage then it is incense of one kind or another. What is it about white sage, smudging and incense that creates a passageway for spirit?

white sage and halloweenWhite Sage – Connection With Spirit

Spirit has for a very long time been associated with the sky, ether, and space (the universe). How do you reach something that you cannot touch? Do you use sound? The native drum and the flute are still sacred tools for communication with spirit with white sage rituals aka prayer circles. What about the other senses? There is smoke, which seems to relate well to the invisible air, and rises to the “heavens”. Smoke has also been an ancient way of communicating with spirit. Is it just any smoke? No, it is aromatic plants, such as white sage. Cedar, sweetgrass, lavender, and other aromatic plants have also been used for offerings, blessing, cleansing, and prayer.

White Sage Halloween Blessing and All Hallows Eve

Speaking of spirit, the traditions of Halloween were once a very spiritual tradition. It is the eve of All Saints Day, known as All Hallows Eve. It was believed that at this time the passageway between the earth realm and the spirit world was much closer. Many honored their family and loved ones who had passed from the earth realm on this eve. Is this tradition lost?

White Sage Halloween Blessing Ideas

It’s true, Halloween is a really fun hallowday, I mean holiday. Can the fun, the “spirit” of festivity and love be shared “beyond” with a White Sage blessing for spirit? Yes, blessings can be offered out of need, love, appreciation aka gratitude, or simply sharing the joy of living.

What a way to celebrate those who have already walked the earth, leading the way for us to live, learn, and experience all that life has to offer. So bring our your white sage, ask that your ancestors and spirit support group be a part of your offering, and share your story:

  • talk about those who now walk in your circle, how they have grown;
  • thank those who are the elders and those who have passed for creating a place for you in this world.
  • Use the smoke from the white sage to clear away negativity, create sacred space, and act as a bridge between the human realm and the spirit realm that gives life.

What about the day following Halloween? Remember to care for yourself, and for those in your circle. This is a great day for honor of those who have given so much so that we can live and learn. Halloween is a time for fun, but we can also weave back into this ghoulish day a white sage blessing, the traditional gratitude to the spirit world with a white sage ritual, and a moment for ourselves in the thought of appreciation of this life that has so much to offer. God bless.

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