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Welcome to WhiteSage.org. In these pages we combine tradition with modern situations, spirituality melded with common sense. In all cases we focus on honor, for others, but most importantly for ourselves. Our goal is to provide ideas and tools that help you achieve greater awareness and self healing. What is the outcome we seek to achieve? We all want something different, something that supports our life path and abilities, but we all have one thing in common. We seek a safe space to create in, a place of love, appreciation, and abundance.

What’s offered at WhiteSage.org?

What will you find here at WhiteSage.org? Information about energy healing, sage smudging, drumming as a healing tool, and so much more!  Over to the side you will find our most recent articles, or you can search by category using the drop down box. You can ask a question that we may use for an upcoming topic.These are just a few things offered at WhiteSage.org.

white sage bundleWhat About this White Sage stuff?

Sage is a fairly common herb around the world. White sage is the most commonly used herb for sage smudging. This is not the sage you cook with, most bottled herbs contain little life or essence.

White sage is also known as Salvia apiana. These days it is commercially grown and shipped around the world. You can buy white sage that is already dried and ready for use in bundles known as wands, or loose sage leaves to burn in a container such as an abalone shell. For ideas and suggestions see the Amazon carousel shown below, or visit our marketplace.

Other herbs commonly used in smudging are sweetgrass and cedar. Some use less commonly used herbs such as lavender. All the herbs used are aromatic, and aromatherapy has taught us (aside from thousands of years of use in many cultures!) that plants contain essential oils with vibrant energy.

What about Sage Smudging, what is that?

Smudging is using the smoke produced by burning herbs. The idea goes back thousands of years. It was thought that smoke could travel into the heavens, a place where man could not travel, but longed to be. The smoke could gain the attention of the gods or the ancestors, giving a greater chance that the prayer of the people could be heard.

white sage and abalone shellThe practice of smudging continues even today. Smudging can be done on your own, using the smoke to clear any energies around your property, house, or people. You can use this as an opportunity to bring in a more supporting energy, or call in your support to assist you. There are plenty of others ways you can use smudging and intention-setting focus to enhance your everyday life!

This picture contains a White Sage smudging wand, stick or smudging bundle. Natural thread is used to bind the branches of white sage together.  The end is lit, and allowed to extinguish so that smoke is produced, and then the wand is moved about to use to introduce a small amount of smoke around a person’s aura (the energy field around the body) or through a room to cleanse, bless, and heal.  Careful not to touch hair with the burning sage, that would not be a pleasant aroma! Also do not burn around flammable gases or objects, use common sense. Consider whether or not you want smoke inside your home or office, there are other ways of cleansing that does not use smoke. Last but never least, check with those around you to make sure than no one has a breathing condition that might be aggravated by the smoke. Safety first, and respect in all things.

WhiteSage Healing Sessions

We live in a DIY society, and that works in a lot of cases. What if you need help to better understand what you are dealing with, and what you can do to shift things in a direction that supports you and your life?  A limited number of one-to-one sessions are available via phone or Skype. See our sessions page for more information.

More, please!!

white sage prayerHave a look around, and let us know what you think!!  You’ll see the social icons on just about every page, please share and like so we know what to offer in the future!  At the bottom of the page you’ll find more links by topic category or by topic words, and links to articles on our favorite sites!

Use caution when using fire, and working with smoke to assure everyone is safe and comfortable. If you are having health issues, or trouble coping, it is always advised that you seek qualified care.

WhiteSage.org and it’s associates do not make any claims, nor do we prescribe. Our ideas and articles are offered from a spiritual standpoint, upholding personal free will and the right to a fulfilling life experience. Please contact us with any questions, or to schedule a session. Blessings, Aho, Amen.

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