White Sage Blessings Smoke and Ashes

white sage smudgingWhere did white sage blessings originate? Since the early days of mankind there have been documented ceremonies of sacrifice. Offerings were made, consisting of things that the people of that time considered to be of value. Why did they do these things? Ceremonies as a method of prayer, and it’s purpose was to set a tone of wellness and prosperity, or give thanks for what has been received.

An Ancient New Year Blessing

One ancient tradition took place in New Year’s morning. This ceremony was conducted by the head of the family. A sacrifice was made to father heaven and mother earth. What was sacrificed? Things that brought life, and held value. Rice, fruit and vegetables, and tea.

The offering was made to both father heaven and mother earth, asking for blessings for the new year.

Gilt paper money was also burnt, with the smoke offered to the heavens above, and the ashes to the earth below. What is gilt paper? Gilt paper was edged with gold, considered to be something of value.

White Sage Blessings Throughout The Year

White Sage Blessings, and ceremonies for blessings, can be any time of the year. We can offer blessings on a new moon as a prayer for the days to follow to be prosperous. We can offer thanks on the full moon, being grateful for everything that comes our way. Ceremonies could be on a traditional day of the week for prayer. There are other times to consider, like the solstice or equinox for ceremonies and blessings.

How do you plan your White Sage blessings? Keep in mind the power behind the words: honor and gratitude. Think of what you have to give, what you have received, and the tone you want to set for the days to follow. Understand that what you offer is for both the heavens and the earth: smoke for father heaven, and ashes for mother earth. As above, so below.

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