White Sage Blessings and Mosquitoes

Throughout our pages you’ll find thoughts on white sage blessings, why white sage is used, and the meaning woven around white sage, sweetgrass and cedar.

There are many other uses of the many varieties of sage. Of course you likely know that sage is a commonly used herb at Thanksgiving time.

white sage prayersAnother use of sage is as a mosquito repellent.  When camping you can simply throw a bundle of sage on your campfire to repel mosquitoes. Another thought is that you can include a white sage smudging blessing as part of your evening story telling and games.

Back in the days of The Healing Drum retreat that I co-hosted, we spent many an evening outside by the campfire, bringing drums and flutes, singing songs, telling stories. We always included a white sage healing ceremony to keep the smoke out of the buildings. No one complained about the mosquitoes around the campfire!


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