White Sage Blessings For Winter Solstice

winter solsticeOver the years WhiteSage.org has offered prayers for the spring and fall equinox, as well as the summer and winter solstice. The meaning of those days remains the same.  For an equinox, the light and darkness of the day are equal. In the spring the days to follow become longer, and in fall the days to follow will grow darker.

What is a winter solstice?

The word solstice references “Sol” – the sun. The sun sustains life in this universe. In our world the cycles serve a purpose, whether it be renewal or rest, productivity or transition back to the elements.

The solstice has many meanings. It is the most extreme day of the year. What experience do you have when something is “extreme”? The word extreme can be overwhelming, out of balance. It is in our nature to seek balance, whether we’re able to achieve that balance or not. Most people who talk about happiness speak also about having found balance.

The solstice is also a turning point, heading in the direction of that day of balance. What can the solstice say about our human nature and experience in life?

You and I, and the winter solstice

We are always in motion, transitioning and even balancing our own life, and the world around us. Stepping out of judgment, our experiences give us a chance to look more closely at what brings happiness, and what brings benefit to ourselves and others. To be in service to others and the world around us is to restore, make better, and support nature for the days to come.

Winter Solstice Blessings

Today we offer this focused blessing for winter solstice.  Please share anything you would like to add in the comments below.

Great Spirit,
I offer dedication and support in honor of life.
In the days to come I ask for enlightenment and balance with the coming equinox.
Provide me the wisdom to guide my actions,
The strength to endure in times of change.
Let those who seek restoration of life gather on all levels.
Let our prayers be heard.
Spirit will prevail.
Aho (amen, let it be).


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