White Sage Blessings for House and Home

White sage blessings for house or home? Isn’t that one and the same? Let’s look at these two words, and find variations in how we view the space we live within, and how our perceptions affect what we think and feel.

white sage blessing house homeWhite Sage Blessings for a House

What is a house? It is a container, floor, walls and ceilings. Brick and mortar, wood and plaster. A house is known as a single space, but that space is divided. Houses are possessions, just like the objects they contain.

Our house is there to serve us. This place is, or should be, our safe, sacred ground. It is the center of our life, the place we come home to. But a house, in itself, has no life. The life comes from those who live there.

White Sage Blessings for a Home

Take that last statement, “The life coms from those who live there” and we’ve said it all. A house is all about the lives of those who enter it’s doors. A house has functionality, but it is also an expression of the character and taste of those who live there. The house is a place that is safe haven, a gathering place, and the hub for communication.

Simple Ideas for White Sage Blessing a House and a Home

  • Remember who the blessing is for – the people who live there, and those who visit
  • Be grateful for the space as well as the container. Homes give us a great place for self expression and creativity!
  • Think about time – thank the land, the earth for the space that the house is built upon. Honor those who have lived in this space before, and release any lingering energy. Direct some of that blessing energy into the days to come, the future.
  • Want to supercharge your blessings? Bring focus to the activities of each room, and turn your white sage blessing for your house and home into an integrated relationship between time, space and spirit.
  • Give some attention to the emotional side – give blessings for happy times, stronger love, joyful creativity. Remember to include peaceful times, silence, and inner reflection.

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