White Sage Blessings For 2016 Prosperity

We’ve rung in the new year, with lights, sound, and laughter. Some may say that celebrations with so much fanfare are phony and worthless. New years resolutions have become a joke, not something to carry forward and act upon.

You and I have many options at the start of the year.

Let’s look at a few of these choices:

  • What energy do you want to set for 2016? Rewarding work (money, success, teamwork)?
  • Is there something you want to change, let go of, and have a fresh start?
  • Are there things (events, people) for which you are grateful?
  • Do you want your relationships to be stronger, happier, more supportive?

White Sage Blessings can cover all of the above.

White Sage Blessings For 2016 Prosperity

First, let’s talk about the word prosperity. What does that word make you think about? Is it financial prosperity? Even the specific focus on financial prosperity can go in two directions. It could mean success or abundance in your business, keeping you busy but successful. In the same respect, you could be thinking of a windfall, like winning the lottery.

Prosperity, by definition, is not just about “what”, it’s about the duration. What does that mean for you, I mean, what are the signs of prosperity so that you can know it’s happening?  Is it a pattern, where things work out for the best, most of the time? You can’t really ask for 100% prosperity, can you? That wouldn’t seem very realistic.

Letting you be a part of your 2016 White Sage Blessing

If you look up the word prosperity you’ll find the thesaurus calling out the obvious like wealth, success, and affluence. Those words point to “things”, but where you do fit in? Perhaps in writing out your plan for 2016 you might give thought about including both the things as well as where you fit in the picture. What do those things provide for you? How are they nourishing you, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually?

If you delve a little deeper in the thesaurus side of prosperity, you’ll find words and expressions such as:

  • The good life
  • “milk and honey”
  • good fortune
  • wellness
  • comfort
  • plenty
  • security

Those all sound very much like a powerful White Sage blessing for 2016!

In the beginning…

You might want to begin with your current experience:

  • What do you want to release so that you have room for something new? This isn’t always letting go of things that are uncomfortable or harmful. For example, you might put aside your gardening this year so you can travel more, or spend more time with your children.

What is it that you would like?

  • “Make my life better” sounds good, but it’s also a little detached. What do you want, have you considered this side of the White Sage blessing “equation”? Do you want more fun? Do you want to feel more comfortable, being who you are? Are you seeking stronger supporting relationships?

white sage blessing_2016 prosperitySet the tone

Now comes the tricky part. Before we start, let me ask you to observe your reactions, but keep an open mind and the potential for an open heart. This section is going to apply to some people, but for everyone else there is still tools to be found in “setting the tone”.

Sometimes you might feel like you are on overload. You’ve been holding yourself together, without benefit of receiving even a “thank you” for your dedication, commitment, hard work. Right?

As you shift from that “uncomfortable place”, reaching out with the hopes to have a better day, a better life, remember how getting even a simple “thank you” can make things better. This is the tone to set for today, as well as for tomorrow.

  • Say thank you from your heart to that part of you that’s been holding on, trying to make things better. Use words like “I appreciate you”.
  • Use the same tone when focusing on other people. Your thank you can be spoken to those people, but most important is what’s happening within you. “I appreciate that you were here with me, even if things didn’t work out”. If you want to shift from being stuck then you have to support that shift. Being grateful, and saying thanks can help in all situations. It can help bring people closer, and in the same respect it can give them the space and grace to leave.

In future posts we’ll delve deeper into “setting the tone”.

Make the space

What do you want? Do you know? It’s very easy to focus on the “things” you want, but why do you want those things?  Do you want to feel better about who you are? Are you seeking a feeling of love, support, or comfort? Do you want to relax, knowing that you have enough to cover your bills, and let you have a cushion “just in case”?

It’s a three part deal. First you have the conditions or environment, whatever it is you are facing or dealing with. Then you have the story, which is what you believe and the way you respond to your environment. Last is how you adapt to your world. Is there room within your heart for those things you ask for? Are you able to recognize that you have what you wanted, and can feel content or complete?

In our next posting we’ll delve into two powerful times of the day when you can set the tone and make the space for your White Sage blessing for 2016 prosperity.

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below!

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