White Sage Blessing for the New Year

Our calendar system has given us a way to unite, to have a common understanding of our time. Because of this we can more easily schedule meetings, plan for the future, and measure results. Wonderful, isn’t it? Our calendar also gives us dividing times as well, with the separation between the days, weeks, months, and of course the year. Ready for the New Year? What about making that transition with a White Sage Blessing?

What is a White Sage Blessing?

White sage blessings can contain many aspects, from beginning to end. Here’s a sampling of what you can include in your white sage blessing to make a multi-level healing experience:

  • Creating safe, sacred space
  • Calling in the ancestry and spiritual support
  • Clearing argon energy
  • Releasing negative energies
  • Setting intention for the moment and / or the future
  • Revitalizing the energy for those included in the white sage blessing

white sage blessingWhite Sage Blessing for the New Year

What do you want in 2013? While it is great to think of things, like a new car, or a different job, what about thinking of the way you want to feel. Happy? Content? Enthusiastic?

When we focus on the feeling, the emotions, we create a magnetic pull toward that energy. Try using these concepts in the blessing that you write, to create a space that is filled with the energy you want in your day to day life.

Have a wonderful New Year!

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