White Sage Blessing a House

Blessing a house is one of the simplest ways to bring into practice the art of setting intent.  What is a house blessing?  It is a focus, an intentional statement, saying “This is what I want; this is what I will accept”. Give thought to the house blessing prayer you would like to create.  That is right, you can write your own house blessing prayer.  What exactly would be included in a statement of intent for blessing a house?

blessing a houseIdeas for Blessing a House

Let’s start with some key phrases.  One that I like to include is “greater good”, a phrase shared in  The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn (Dover Empower Your Life), available in paperback or kindle. This book is a great resource for designing your own affirmative statements.

You might use this in a statement like, “May each and everyone who reside within this house act for the greater good for themselves and those around them.”

Another thought you might include in your house blessings is for your visitors.  What can you offer to your guests on an intention level right now that will set the tone for every event at your house? What about a phrase like, “May all our guests be welcomed with open arms, and may they reciprocate by arriving with an open heart and joyful presence”.  What a great energy to set, very welcoming and encouraging.

There are many other ideas you can bring into your house blessings, including thoughts of creating a safe haven, or allowing the flow of creativity or prosperity.  You could bring in the concepts of Feng Shui and ask that the flow of energies always be in balance and harmony.  Or, you can ask that our Divine Guidance always be present.

Timing for your House Blessing Ceremony

Blessing a house is so simple an idea, but it is easy to overlook.  Think of all the energies that can accumulate within a house.  We don’t have issues with the happier moments, but what about arguments, worry, and secrets many of us carry in your lives.

You can reestablish your house blessings at any time, or you can write a special house blessing prayer that is themed around holidays, such as a Thanksgiving gratitude blessing, or a Halloween blessing for appreciation of the spirit realm, for our ancestor and heritage.

You can time your house blessings around astrological or moon events. What about a clearing for the new moon, focused on new beginnings that invite in the light?  We have blue moons, full moons, perigee moons as well, times when the moon is closest to the earth.

Take the next step into white sage blessing a house is setting an energy that supports your dreams. Focused attention helps you find the clarity and good feelings you want to maintain in your life.  Learn the simple steps of bringing together powerful prayers and blessings along with the energy of white sage and other healing and blessing herbs.

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