White Sage and Root Chakra Meditations

Can white sage be used as part of a root chakra healing and clearing meditation?  The root chakra is our survival chakra, closest tied to the physical world we live in. One basic way to view the root chakra is our food, clothing and shelter chakra. It’s a pretty basic fact that when we feel safe and secure, in control of our environment, we are able to focus outside of survival and turn our attention to creativity, communication, and so on.

Using White Sage in a Root Chakra Meditation

One use of white sage is to use a little bit of white sage smoke, known as smudging, to clear away negativity and create a safe environment. This goes hand-in-hand with the root chakra. Prior to your meditation you can smudge the room, even the space outside of your meditation room, like the parameter of the property you are on. Be careful not to intrude in shared living spaces as some individuals may be resistant to the smoke or could have a negative physical reaction.

You can also smudge around your meditation chair or mat to create a circle of clear light. Next you can smudge the chakras in the space 6″ to 12″ away from the body, starting with the root chakra, and use a feather or your hand to gently guide the smoke toward the body. Since the smudging stick contains some fire do not hold the lit smudging stick over your head. You can hold the stick at the same point about 6-12″ away from the body.

Root Chakra Meditations

One of the best meditations you can use for the root chakra is to create a safe space and then spend time being within that energy vibration. This helps the body adjust to the energy of sacred, safe space. Finish your meditation with a little more white sage smudging to clear away any released energies and set a blessing for your meditation space.

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