White Sage and Wicca

White sage has been used as a healing herb, as well as for divination and spirituality since ancient times. At the end of the season the sage was cut,  bundled and hung inside the home. It was thought to provide protection. The sage would be used throughout the winter for healing and prosperity. When the new seasons sage was growing the old bundle could be burned in the fireplace to encourage good fortune.

white sageSage Astrology and Elements

Common sage, or salvia officinalis, is classified as masculine. It is associated with Jupiter, and the element of Air.  White sage is classified as feminine, associated with Venus and the element of Earth.  Clary sage, aka clear eye, is masculine, Mercury, and Air.

The Parallel Beliefs in Magick and White Sage Smudging

This perspective on white sage comes from Wicca, an earth-based religion. One of it’s many goals is to find balance, and remove any obstacles to finding that balance. Thus, it is about healing ourselves so that we may be more harmonious with the earth.


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