White Sage and Ho’oponopono

Say what? What is ho’oponopono? What does it have to do with doing White Sage blessings and energy enhancements? In this article we’ll talk about why white sage smudging is all about intent and attitude. We’ll discuss how you can expand the layers of positive energy that surrounds you into your relationships, work, school, and other areas in everyday life by combining white sage smudging with the simple power of ho’oponopono.

White Sage and Energy Enhancements

White sage is used as an enhancement to our own energy and the energy of our environment. Do you feel comfortable? Is your mood happy, or relaxed? Are you ready to shift your thoughts in a new direction, for more creativity? Do you desire to be at peace, with a calm mind, body, and spirit?

It’s all about energy. When you combine thought with action, such as using white sage as a tool to clear the energy of the space around you, you can shift more than just your mood. White sage is used to clear away negativity, and create a safe, sacred space.

White Sage and Ho'oponoponoCombining White Sage with ho’oponopono

The ho’oponopono is a simple yet powerful statement that is designed to release energy blockages by de-energizing the chains of guilt, blame, and judgment. You can use this phrase while using the essential energy of white sage smoke for aura and room cleansing.

What is the ho’oponopono phrase?  “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”.

Does it matter if you are right or wrong? That’s not the point with the ho’oponopono, in fact, letting yourself get caught up on who did what, who’s in the wrong, will only create a barrier. Do you want to feel stuck, or heavy? The ho’oponopono, used with your White Sage blessing, will be a great assist in moving on, healing, and getting on the right track.

The Ho’oponopono:
“I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”

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