Where Spirit Can Reside

What do white sage ceremonies, prayer, and meditation have in common? They are all done to help you shift out of the “busy mind” and into a place that is calmer, clearer, and more fit for the soul. It’s all about re-tuning to the vibration where spirit can reside.

where spirit can reside

Energy Vibrations

We’re all familiar with emotional energy shifts – you can go from happy to sad, and visa versa, in a heartbeat.

It’s all about energy vibrations. Any relationship to that classic rock song by the Beach Boys called “Good Vibrations”?  Well yes, a little bit!

In our day to day lives you’re surrounded by distractions, and your mind is likely involved in rapid movement as well. This is great, to be so productive, being a thinker and a doer. That’s not all there is to life, though.

On the other side of the spectrum is sleep, and the stillness of the mind during those sleep cycles. Ever have one of those nights when you can’t sleep, because your mind won’t quiet down?

Those are the two extremes of the energy vibration spectrum of the human mind. The good news is that our minds are not simply on or off. There’s a whole playground of spectrum for us to enjoy!

So here you are, reading about how to re-tune your vibration to a frequency where spirit can reside. This is simply finding that happy medium where your body is calm and relaxed, and your spirit or soul is able to get a moment or two of your attention.

How do you create a space where spirit can reside?

Meditation is a very popular way to shift from the busy “monkey mind” to a vibration that is just a little bit more relaxed. Did you know that some types of music can also help you get into a calmer, more open-minded space? It’s called baroque music, a classical music with a beat that mimics the human heart beat. You can learn easier when listening to baroque music.

What are other ways of shifting your vibration to a place where spirit can reside? Breathing slow and deep, with pauses, can be very relaxing. Prayer is another way we can shift, turning our focus away from the distractions of the day. Yoga is popular as well for changing your energy vibration.

Let’s not forget white sage smudging and the ceremonies we create for healing, cleansing and blessing. Allow yourself to be free of thought, you can even tell your active mind to be still, at least for a minute. It’s amazing what opens up within your senses and meta-physical expression when you quiet the mind and let your spirit do the talking!

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