When is the Best Time to do a Sage Blessing for my House?

“When is the best time to do a blessing for my house?”  Deciding when to have your white sage smudging blessing can be a combination of desired outcome, symbolic meaning, and practical thinking. Let’s have a look at the options to find the optimal time and place for blessing your house.

Blessing for my house – Sunrise, Sunset

The time of day is one of the many considerations, as well as the direction you face. The sun rises in the east, and many cultures pray in the morning, facing the east.

Symbolically the twilight of the morning, or early morning hours is a time of new beginning. Morning is also the time when the light greets us.

What about the other twilight, the dusk? This is a time for letting go, shifting from the hectic day into a more restful state. It is a time of completion, ending the cycle of the day and all that the day held for us.

Inside or Out – “Blessing for my house”

house blessingWhere do you do your white sage smudging house blessing, inside or outside?  The indoors can tend to become stagnant with the confinement of the walls and windows. Air can become stagnant, and it is no different with energy. The smoke inside the house may or may not be desirable.

Smudging outdoors give you an opportunity to work with the energy around the house that gets far less attention than the inside of the home. You can smudge the property line as well.

These are just a few considerations and ideas for the bes time to do a white sage blessing for your house.

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