What's shaking my bed nightly?

For 11 months now (Dec of ’09 to the present), each night as I lay down to go to sleep, my bed receives an abrupt, deliberate shake, as if to say "Hello". Then, as I’m about to drift off to sleep, it shakes abruptly again, harder and harder. It’s a conscious entity that heightens it’s intensity when I swear at it. At first my sleep became fitful (having generally been a sound sleeper) then gradually, the shaking began, followed by kicking of the bed, and the frequent shoving of my upper body. I’ve had two paranormal teams here to investigate and evaluate it. The message I’ve received via the two psychics were spot on as to specific activities in my life, but now I’m not getting normal sleep at all. It’s definately paranormal, but I want it to stop.

I’ve done the white sage smudging, the holy water and the prayers, but it’s not going anywhere. In fact last night it kept me up with almost a mechanical vibrating until 4:30 this morning, even having taken a sleeping pill. I’ve been in this 1937 apartment building in Korea Town for 12 years, I know my neighbors and the building, it’s definately only happening in my bed. I wonder if it’s trying to possess me, as in Seth Speaks. A primary psychic on the case thinks it’s the actual perpetrator (executed at San Quentin) from the true crime screenplay I’ve written about him. I’ve read other very similar cases here, at Yahoo Answers, which is why I’m posting this description. I can’t help but wonder if its a growing trend, a thinning of the veil between the physical and astral worlds. I’m certainly of the belief that it’s a human spirit attempting to communicate with me. I need this to stop. A noted physicist will be bringing in his ultraviolet night vision equipment soon, I have no doubt we’ll get it captured on film. We’re going to apply EVP testing as well.

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