What Exactly is Sacred Space?

Sacred space is a combination of many concepts that all fit together into a clear message of integrity. The overall effect of creating sacred space is that people feel comfortable in this space, accepted and able to express themselves without ridicule or harm.

Sacred Space and Honor

One of the first consideration in creating sacred space is honor. We don’t always live in honor, but we can practice a dedicated time to pull back our own ego and desires to create a space that allows each person in this sacred space to be in a place of honor for their life, their consciousness, and their dreams. By practicing honor we also encourage others to live at that level.

Free Will and Sacred Space

There are many ways to “set the tone” within a “space”.  There is a fine balance between allowing a flow of energies and free will within that space, and being “in control” of the space. Learning to create a sacred space with free will takes practice, but remember you are not alone.  There are many capable spirits on many levels who honor free will and sacred space who will assist you if asked.

Prayer For Sacred Space

“Great Spirit I ask for your divine presence at this time and gladly accept your support, blessings and gift of love. I ask that you help me in creating sacred space for myself and all who participate in at this time in the place. Aho.”

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