What does burning sage do?

One of our readers asks: “What does burning sage do? I’m burning some tomorrow and i’ve heard it gets rid of bad energy. What else does it do?” Great question! Let’s start answering your question with a question: why are you choosing to burn sage?

Most people who burn sage do so for a reason. Burning sage, sweetgrass or incense creates an aromatic shift in energy. For many it is a shift that is learned during group religious ceremonies, and then then they smell those aromas again they are brought back into that prayer mode.

White Sage has been used as a prayer-related herb for centuries around the world. It is abundant, but most people nowadays will use white sage rather than the less aromatic common sages. Yes sage can help clear “bad energy”, and it can do much more. Remember that your thoughts are a part of the prayer, choose to stay away from ill-will or negativity during your white sage prayer session.


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