Using White Sage as a Blessing For Your Home

White sage is a powerful aromatic herb used for centuries as a healing and blessing tool. While it is traditionally burned and the smoke used for energy purification and healing it can be used in many other ways.

Blessing Your Yard with Sage

The best way to begin your sage blessing is to call in your team, the support of the ancestors and healing masters. Begin in the center of the space you want to bless, and turn to the north. Take some of the dried sage and crumble it, tossing it gently to the north while holding the thought that it is an offering. Ask for the power of new beginnings to be with you in a way that supports your spirit journey and honors your free will.

Turn to the east and do the same, asking for the power of the spring to set new seeds of growth. Again offer a small amount of dried white sage to the earth.

Turn to the south, sharing your offering of a small amount of dried white sage and let the wind take it where it will. The south holds sacred space for your dreams to grow, becoming fruitful.

Lastly, turn to the west, and offer a tiny bit of dried sage to the spirit of wisdom, so that what you ask is given in a way that grows and builds within your life. The return for your efforts can come in many forms, money is only one of the rewards in life. You can build wisdom, develop lasting relationships, and enrich your life with amazing experiences.

Smudging With Sage In Your Yard

If the land is very dry you want to use extreme caution using any fire. If this is the case then you can crumble a little more sage in each corner of your property to create a sacred space between. Call in the four directions once again and ask that this full circle be joined together both above and below.

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