Yin and Yang of Smudging

Yin_and_yang_stones (1)White Sage Smudging – The Two Sides

White Sage smudging is an ancient practice that utilizes the powerful essence of plant in prayer and offerings.  Cultures around the world have used this technique since the early days of man.  The act of smudging is more than just sitting in a cloud of smoke – there is intention, desire, willingness to release and accept.

The Yin Side of Smudging

A key to smudging or any spiritual blessing ceremony is the intention.  The recipient must be receptive to the support, guidance, and gifts received during their smudging session.  This is an act of letting go of the controlling actions of the mind and being “open minded” for a change.

Smudging is so much more effective when we step forward into the ceremony with an open heart; a willingness to be in harmony with our emotions; and with desire for a positive and supporting outcome.

The Yang Side of Smudging

The act of taking part in a smudging ceremony is a big statement of the yang side of self.  Yang is about action, and that means working with our inner yin side and taking an active role in letting go of the limitations and non-supportive feelings and ideas that may exist either mentally or emotionally.

Our yang side is also responsible for creating sacred space for the yin aspect of self.

For smoke-free smudging you can use the sage essential oil sprays created specifically for a quick and easy energy-setting start for your day. Check out White Sage Liquid Smudge Spray on Amazon.

Disclaimer: Whether you are using an essential oil or the smoke derived by smudging care should always be taken to assure that you and those around you do not have chemical sensitivities to sage.  It is the responsibility of the individual to properly research in the use of any essential oil or plant product.

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