The Spirit Of Things – Dignity and Strength

When it comes to smoke smudging, and all the considerations, there are many things to learn. One approach is to learn about the plants used for clearing and blessings. Then there is the focus on intent. Why are you planning to smudge? Is there something negative you are trying to clear, or is the idea to create a safe welcoming space?

Getting into the spirit of things

This new thread of articles will focus on the plant, and the spirit or essence it contains. I was recently inspired by an herbal book, The Healing Spirit of Plants, I was intrigued by the combination of Dignity and Strength associated with cedar.

I have taught classes in the art of listening to nature, and during my classes we’d visit an old cedar tree. The wisdom of the tree came through as the primary focus. Endurance was also a worthy focus.

Dignity and strength. What a wonderful focus. A cedar tree does not “take on the world”, but does “own it’s space”. Cedar makes it’s world it’s own. The cedar tree not only dominates with its size and shade. Cedar inhibits other plants from growing around it.

Dignity and Strength

How does the traits of the cedar tree translate to human nature? There are many differences between people and plants. People are not confined to stay in one place. But let’s shift focus for a few minutes.

spirit_of_things_cedar dignity and strengthDignity and Strength Meditation

Think of your body as the ground in which you are planted. Your energy, spirit, or soul, whatever you may call it, emanates in and around you. I’m sure you have heard someone described as “having a presence“.

There you stand, possessing the freedom of spirit, but your are tethered to your body. This is a good thing, for it gives you so many opportunities in your experiences and how deeply vested you are in your life each and every moment.

Imagine bringing the essence of the cedar tree into your thoughts and energy. Dignity and strength. You have strength, and when your strength is founded with dignity, love, and purpose. Your strength endures without struggle or resistance. With cedar’s silent strength, willing to stand the test of time, you can endure.

Allow the cedar to inspire you to be grounded, deeply into the earth. Much of your power comes from the light and the air. You are also strongly supported by what is unseen, deep within the earth.

There you stand, in the middle, bringing together the elements and the light. For this, the earth and the heavens are eternally grateful.


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