The Secret Behind Sage Cleansing

What is the secret behind sage cleansing sessions? This ancient ritual is known around the world, and has been used by many cultures. The smoke rises to the heavens, the ashes fall to the earth below. What does that mean, and how can it help us in our modern, everyday world?

The Intent In Sage Cleansing

What is your intent when you think of sage cleansing? This might not be something that you’ve given much thought to, but somewhere in your head or in your heart there is a reason you are attracted to white sage cleansing.

Give some thought to what it is you want to change, heal, or enhance. Yes, sage cleansing can serve you in many ways. Sometimes we seek a little inspiration, or support to heal and change. We can also celebrate how well things are going, and share how happy we are. What better way to generate more happiness!

white sage cleansing sessionThe Secret Behind Sage Cleansing

So then what is the secret behind sage cleansing? It’s you – bringing awareness to whatever it is you want or need. If it is change or healing that you seek, imagine giving that “problem” to the smoke as a release. Remember that it is not giving away your power, or ability to direct your life. This is a release, a power statement that says, “I am ready to let this go”.

If your sage cleansing is focused on celebration, gratitude, and happiness imagine giving a mirror-image of your joy for the sage smoke to carry forth. You can use the power of three, imagining or even saying out loud: “Thank you, thank you, thank you”. Remember, your white sage cleansing is a two-way street: add a moment to be silent and listen, and imagine a response returning to you.

What is the secret behind sage cleansing sessions? Is it the white sage aroma, the rising smoke, or something closer to home? No matter what the purpose behind your white sage session, remember that you are a part of this event. Have a wonderful white sage cleansing!

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