The Role Of The Reiki Master

A Reiki Master is one who is an expert in the art of Reiki or the ancient Tibetan method of Palm Healing. Reiki is all about accessing the infinite source of positive energy of the cosmos which gets channelized thereafter through a Reiki Master/Practitioner’s palms on to himself or another’s body for the purpose of stress reduction, relaxation and most importantly healing.

The first and foremost thing that can be stated about a Reiki Master is his expertise in the art of Reiki. That is, the palm healing techniques by a Reiki master as compared to other normal Reiki practitioners are highly advanced. A Reiki master places his palms and uses techniques such as stroking, tapping, etc along with chanting and even blowing in order to cater to specific areas of a person’s body that is diseased or is injured.

Besides the localized treatment a Reiki Master has the ability to tune up a person physically and mentally by attuning his energy meridians to the energy of the cosmos. Thus the person’s full body is treated and the seven Reiki Chakras are opened up or balanced. These seven Reiki Chakras, placed from the base of the spinal card to the crown of the head are also treated with Reiki symbols for the cause of balancing the energy.

But the main function of a reiki master lies in performing reiki attunement. The process where a reiki master teaches the art of reiki to another person is known as reiki attunement. But it is not possible to teach this art of reiki in the usual classroom process. This power is transmitted by the reiki master to the recipient through the palms, just as reiki healing is undertaken.

The Reiki Attunement process takes part in two parts the first where the Reiki Master stands at the back of the recipient and later when he comes to his front doing what is necessary. The entire process occurs in a ceremonial way which starts with both the reiki master and recipient centering and grounding themselves. Thereafter the Reiki Master stands at the back of the recipient putting up his left palm to receive the universal energy while with his right hand draws Reiki symbols on the crown of the recipient’s head, chanting and blowing with intense concentration and focus.

In the second part of the process, the reiki Master comes in front of the pupil and focuses upon the chakras of the palms, third eye and crown of the head of the pupil. The Reiki Master then starts to visualize on the master violet symbol which is on his left palm and places his palm on the right palm of the pupil. This process needs intense meditation, focusing and visualization. The whole process is done along with chanting, stroking blowing and tapping so the transfer of abilities to perform Reiki on to the pupil is effective.

When the Reiki Master is finished with the pupil’s palms, he joins them and returns them back to the pupil. If there is a requirement then he touches the third eye and the crown of the head of the pupil and draws symbols on them and chants. When the process has ended, the reiki Master moves away and takes a bow to the new Reiki practitioner

To conclude, it is to be noted that there are three levels to reiki attunement. The first level is dedicated to learning the basic techniques and palm positioning. In the second level the recipients practice the power of transmitting reiki energy to heal another across time and space. In the third and final stage the recipients learn different reiki symbols and how to control these to finally become true reiki masters.

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