The Process Of Reiki Attunement

The process by which a reiki master teaches his pupils the ancient Tibetan palm healing techniques of reiki is called reiki attunement. The word reiki comes from the terms rei and ki which means universal and life force energy respectively. Through reiki attunement one can access the energy of the cosmos directly into ones palms and thus transfer it into another body for the cause of healing.

Reiki attunement is actually the process of teaching reiki. But one should keep in mind that the art of reiki is not possible to learn through normal classroom methods. These are ceremonial sessions through which the process to access the endless energy of the universe is taught to channelized through the palm, by the reiki master. The ability to perform reiki, thus, is also transferred on to the pupil by the reiki master through his palms.

The Reiki Attunement process as practiced in today’s world can be said to be the ancient Tibetan method of palm healing combined with Dr. Mikao Usui’s techniques in the art. Dr. Mikao Usui is the personality who popularized this age old palm healing technique in the ’90’s.

The process of reiki attunement takes place in three degrees or levels of Shoden, Shokuden, and Shinpiden. By these three levels one can learn the art of reiki from the basic conceptual level to the usage of expert and advanced reiki symbols in order to heal others.

Shoden or the first level of reiki attunement is all about knowing the fundamental and theoretical concepts as well as the basic hand positions of reiki. You must be aware that reiki is practiced in two ways. Local reiki can be used to heal up a particular part of the body, whereas the whole body treatment tunes up and balances the seven reiki chakras or energy meridians of the human body for wholesome wellbeing.

In Shokuden or the second degree of reiki attunement, you can learn the ability to transfer the universal positive energy into your palms and then channelize it to some other person’s body who needs to be healed. At the completion of this level the reiki practitioner can heal people across both time and space.

In Shinpiden or the third and final level of reiki attunement, you will be taught the advanced reiki symbols and might be able to gain control over some. By completing this level you yourself will become a reiki master and therefore be able to take reiki attunements for others.

The reiki attunement ceremony is divided into two halves. In the first half the reiki master would stand at your back and go on with the process and in the second half he would come to your front and do the same. The process of attunement involves the master and the pupil centering and grounding themselves. Then the reiki master lifts up his left hand and accesses the positive energy of the cosmos and uses his right hand to draw the reiki symbols on the pupils palm, third eye and crown of the head, chanting , stroking tapping and blowing in a process with intense concentration and meditation to effectively complete the reiki attunement process.

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