The Power of Hello and Aho

What can you do with words like “Hello” and “Aho”? Words have power, but only as much as we instill into those words with our intention, heart, and soul-purpose. Have you ever had the feeling that you are holding back? Have you ever felt uncertain, or felt like the balance of power was somewhere other than inside of you?

power hello and aho prayer lotusWhat would you do if you had that power within?

Could you set your intentions, and say your words in a way that made it clear?

Would you stand behind those words, holding sacred space for your prayer?

Aren’t our prayers like seedlings, ready to grow so long as they are given a chance?

The Power of Hello and Aho

What is the word “Aho” mean? It is the closing of a prayer, much like the word Amen. Another variation is “Make It So”. Isn’t it great that we can state our intentions, letting the energy of those words linger in the air? You and I can talk all we want, but that doesn’t make things happen, does it? So what makes our prayers effective? What makes our dreams come true?

Aho is like saying, “Yes, I really mean it.” What other phrases could describe the energetic force behind Aho? With no disrespect to the blessed and honored, let’s have a little fun. Joy is a great catalyst, as is enthusiasm. What does Aho mean to you?

  • Ready, set.. go!
  • I commit my energy to support this prayer.
  • “As it should be”
  • Thank you.

These are just a few of the possible meanings behind your prayer, ending in the word “Aho”. In fact, the word Aho is much like the word Aloha, rich with meaning and uses.

What about the Power of Hello?

The word Hello has it’s own infinite power. This word is both a bridge and a space-creator. For us to communicate it is helpful to have space between us. WIth that space we can own our own identity, find our own answers, and be at peace with who we are. Isn’t that sacred space is all about?

As far as the bridge part in the word Hello, there is great power in this simple word. Hello sends out a message of respect, first initiating contact before moving on the the “agenda”. Oh yes, one more thing: in Lakota the word Aho means Hello.

So which is it? Is Aho a beginning or an ending? Both, if you look at it from a linear approach. There are many expressions that describe the cycle of life: yin and yang; going full circle; and “wherever you go there you are”.

Making the right connections always starts with Hello

There are so many resources in this world, and an unmeasurable potential of energies and support that comes from the spiritual world. No man (or woman) is an island, we’re here to connect and exchange. Tapping into the power of Hello and Aho gives you additional building blocks in your quest to build lasting and productive relationships.

Strong relationships and support: that’s what White Sage smudging and prayers focuses on, one of the many levels of support that helps us make it through our days.

Whether used in prayer, your white sage smudging clearing sessions, your meditation, or even your goal setting, the power of Hello and Aho makes a great addition to anyone’s toolbox of communication skills.

The Power of Hello and Aho © 2013 Kavi Saphala, All rights reserved.

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