Thanksgiving and White Sage Blessings

There are White Sage blessings that incorporate thoughts of healing, blessing and peace, and there is the sage you use for cooking. Is there any connection between the sage woven into our thanksgiving feast, and the spirit of blessings used in white sage smudging? In this quick tip let’s take a look at the ideas of purpose and meaning, and bring the energy of honor into your Thanksgiving event.

White Sage Intent

Some of the core beliefs behind White Sage blessings focus on strengthening yourself and those in your circle by creating sacred space. Next, into that circle the smoke of the White Sage invites the energy and support of the spirit world, both the divine presence and your ancestors. Finally, the support of the earth is called in through the directions and the seasons, giving you a 360 degree circle of support, creating a warm and welcoming sacred space.

What about Thanksgiving? Isn’t it a gathering that celebrates your ancestry, too? One of the key ideas in the Thanksgiving celebration is simply giving thanks for those things we can easily take for granted. Imagine what it would be like to be one of those early settlers, quickly using up their food supplies, and uncertain in their new environment. Self reliance is great, but a part of self reliance is seeing and accepting the support that comes your way.

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

This Thanksgiving is even more special, which fits right in with our multi-dimensional, soul encompassing spirit of White Sage blessings and healing. This year we have the rare occurrence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving happening on the same day! The last time, 1888. The next time these two time-honored events happen? Leap forward to 2070.

thanksgiving and white sage blessingsGiving Thanks on Thanksgiving with White Sage Blessings

Let’s face it, when you have your Thanksgiving celebration it’s not always a time of honor or giving thanks. This holiday really goes 360 degrees with everything from family squabbles to black Friday shopping, football and of course great food. Who’s really into stopping all that and shifting the energy with prayer?

What alternatives are there to making everyone stop and be still with so much going on that day? What about having your White Sage, Sweetgrass, or Cedar blessing before everyone arrives, or before you travel?  Time and space are transcended with our spiritual journey, and you can quietly share the White Sage blessings with everyone long before you physically gather.

Remember the support of the earth, calling in the 4 directions and seasons to help create your sacred space? You can only face one direction at a time, and be in one season, but you can have that energy of support around you, 360 degrees.

What about blessings and energy clearing after your Thanksgiving celebration? That would be kind of like giving thanks for your time of giving thanks, wouldn’t it? Having a post-holiday time to reflect and release is a great way to free up energies, bringing light into the winter days to come.

reader comment: “I think smudging after a family event is the perfect time, sometimes much needed!”

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Coming up soon: Christmas and New Years!

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