Raven Medicine and Sweetgrass Blessing

This song was found in the book: Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, published in 1912.

A smudge of sweetgrass is made. The owner prays to the ravens. “Help me ravens with your good luck, I am about to sing your songs”.

raven sweetgrass blessingThat above it is the raven’s medicine
The wind it is the raven’s medicine
The raven he is looking for buffalo
He has found them he has taken them
Buffalo them I have taken

Men those present they are my children
who are looking at me

It is powerful
Women they are looking at me
they are my children
It is powerful

How powerful is the belief in “raven magic”? One thought to keep in mind is the belief of differing cultures. Native cultures held the raven, as a sign, in high esteem. What about other cultures, one’s that do not follow the laws of nature? We can turn to England, with a castle that to this day continues the practice of caring for it’s ravens. The belief they continue to support? “When the ravens leave the castle, the castle will fall.”

Ravens are smart, problem solvers, and survivors. A clever man realized he could train ravens to trade lost coins for seeds. The ravens figured out the weight ratio, and soon enough feed the machine rocks. Who’s the clever one?

Sweetgrass Blessings

Why sweetgrass?  While white sage is cleansing and purifying, sweetgrass is complimentary. It’s like feeding the fire of what it is that you want out of life, fueling your dreams. Sweetgrass can be associated with the words thankful, gratitude, more please, happiness, and love. What words would you use to describe sweetgrass blessings?

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