Sweetgrass and Sage Smudging – What and When?

Sweetgrass and Sage are two of the most commonly used plants for smudging. What is smudging? It is the use of aromatic dried plants to create smoke, and the smoke is used to clear negative energy, create a sacred space, and bring in a more positive energy. Does it matter what is used, and when?

Sweetgrass and Sage

Following the simple expression, the use of sweetgrass and sage is “out with the old, in with the new”.  White sage is known for creating a safe, sacred space. It is also used to call in the ancestors, spirits that support. White sage is known to clear out negative energies. It can be used to cleanse the human aura, or around the parameter of a room or building.

Sweetgrass has a pleasant aroma. It is used to call in helpful spirits, setting a tone of support. Used together these two plants create a full cycle of clearing and cleansing.

sweetgrass and sage smudgingUsing Sweetgrass and Sage for Smudging

How do you use your sweetgrass and sage?

Consider what is in your head as well as your heart, and decide which will be your guide.

Hold thoughts of making things whole, supporting the energies that support you and those within your circle.

Ask, do not demand this support.

Focus on “the greatest good for all” rather than specific outcomes that might conflict or fall short. Finish with “thank you”.

You can also offer a special prayer for your support team, both in body and spirit. How often does anyone offer a prayer to those spirits we so often turn to for help? By giving as well as receiving we create a nice, welcoming, healing energy for all.

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