Sweet Dreams! Using White Sage for Peaceful Sleep

When my son was in his early years I used to hang a bundle of white sage by his bedside. The aroma was gentle, and guided him into restful, peaceful sleep. We would talk about the sage, and the healing qualities. This lead to setting a “tone” for the night, a blessing or prayer yet in an indirect way.

Most of us can benefit from a little white sage in our lives. Some may have an allergic reaction, and you might want to test this before placing a bundle of white sage in their sleeping space. If you have white sage in your area you can pick some fresh and allow it to dry while hanging at the foot of the bed or by the window. Do not set any drying herbs directly on wood as the herbs could release their essential oils and cause damage.

Other herbs can be used as well. Lavender is a peaceful, gentle herb and very aromatic, but it may be too strong for some people. Rosemary is another great herb to use as well, as is sweetgrass and cedar. In fact during the winter months cedar may be one of the few available plants that can be brought into the home, though today you can find most anything year round at your local flower shop or even large grocery stores.

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