Smudging To Cleanse A House

Smudging to cleanse a house is one of the most asked about topics. Why do people want to clear the energy in and around their house? When should you do smudging to cleanse a house? How do you do smudging for a house?

smudging to cleanse a houseWhy white sage cleanse a house?

Just like you’d vacuum, dust, and clear away the clutter in your house to create a more welcoming, simple environment, the same applies to the energy of your house.

Why? Energy can accumulate. Even if the energy seems okay, you can do smudging just to renew or refresh the energy in your home.

Most people don’t think of doing energy work for their home, though, not until the energy becomes uncomfortable. How does it become uncomfortable? Fighting, anger, violence, break-in’s and thefts.

What about energy-robbing situations, like depression, sadness, apathy, or illness? That’s another good time to give thought to renewing the energy of your home.

Think about what you want for your living environment. Here’s a few ideas:

  • A feeling of safety
  • More happiness and joy
  • A blessing for peace and serenity
  • Greater permission for self expression
  • Having a more grounded, supported environment

Give thought to the energy that you DO want in your living space. Once you have an idea of what you would like, remember to shift your thoughts to support that positive energy. The more “layers” of living in the energies that support you and your circle, the more those energies will remain. What are those layers?  Your thoughts, your actions, laughter, love, and honor.

Raise your glass up for a toast (another form of blessing!): “Here’s to your happy home”.

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