Smudging Ceremony Using White Sage

white sageThere is vast intuitive meaning behind the ritual of sage smudging. What exactly is smudging? There is intent and action which combines the time-honored practices or rituals to promote the outcome you desire.

A smudging ceremony using white sage allows you to give thought to what it is you wish to achieve.  Where your thoughts and attentions are focused is the place where your energy flows. It makes sense to start with a clear picture as to what we are asking for.

White sage is commonly used in smudging ceremonies. There are other popular smudging plants such as cedar, sweetgrass, and even lavender. While sage is commonly associated with clearing out negative energies. Sweetgrass the follows to invite blessings and positive energy. When I ask my spirit team if there are hard, fast rules, they remind me that your intent is really what is of importance, but also keep in mind that the depth of your intent makes a big difference. More on in a later post.

Healing Ritual

The word ritual is usually associated with a religious activity. By definition, a ritual is simply a series of steps followed for a specific reason.  Healing rituals combine action with intent, bringing focus to a particular area with a set intention or belief in certain results.

Smudging is a type of healing ritual that brings together our support, both spiritually and worldly, draws our energies back into the present moment while honoring our future as well as our past.  It is a time to release what no longer serves as well as support and energize the steps ahead.

Healing Intent

Smudging is used quite often to clear and bless a physical space, such as a meeting hall, a ceremonial or healing location by setting intent.  You can use the same clearing and blessing ritual for your home as well. The idea is to clear stagnant negative energies and entities in a respectful way, and bring in a focused, clear energy that will support the activities to follow.

Smudging before an event helps each person attending the event by creating a safe space to learn, grow and interact.  In preparing for your smudging ceremony you may find that your ideas and expectations become clearer, and you may find conflicts and limitations surfacing, giving you opportunity to clear those as well.  Then your act of setting intent becomes more powerful, because you are coming from a place of clarity and purpose.

Creating Sacred Space

Does it matter if you are using cedar, white sage, or sweetgrass in your cleansing and clearing practices? Are you using smudging techniques in your home, workspace, or meeting place? You are creating sacred space through your intent and our actions. Follow your heart and inner guidance, and don’t worry, it is your intent that matters.

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