Smudging Blessing Herbs – Yerba Santa

What herbs can you use for smudging blessings? There are many to choose from, aside from the more popular white sage, sweetgrass, and cedar. Yerba Santa grows in the southwest part of the United States. This plant grows wild, where it chooses. You are unlikely to find Yerba Santa in any developed area.

Yerba Santa – stand your ground

What does this mean for you, spiritually?  You could bring focus to your independence and free will. In the book Sacred Smoke, a focus is brought to being grounded. This is a key to maintaining a safe, sacred space. You need to be grounded to be able to stand up for yourself, either by force or by embracing what surrounds you. Does that make sense? Passive or forceful, both benefit highly by being grounded.

Yerba Santa – herbs for health

In order to stand your ground, or be grounded, you need energy flow. Strength is often attribute to size, and the scales are out of balance when only the muscular take the lead. You can look at strength of conviction: holding honor for free will and humanity. There is strength in taking action. You can even see strength in maintaining faith, hope, and holding sacred space.

Back to energy. Plants are alive, and their essential oils have been described as the spirit of the plant. Our greatest strengths come from our own spirit, or soul. Therefore it makes sense to reinforce your physical body with foods that give it spiritual strength.

Yerba Santa is an amazing plant.

If you have opportunity to harvest Yerba Santa from the plants, be respectful not to take too many leaves. For burning, you want mature leaves. These are leaves that may be losing their color, even beginning their drying process.

  • Protection and restoration of boundaries
  • Driving out negative energy
  • Supporting your “wild side” – native, primal, earthy
  • Being part of the water leaf family, Yerba santa has been used to treat pulmonary infections, sore throats, and colds
  • The water or mucus quality helps clear “sticky energy” or toxic energies from the room

Yerba Santa smudging prayer

I offer to great spirit, and mother earth beneath my feet,
I accept your support in clearing what does not support me,
and offer in return my commitment and consciousness,
for the greater good.

Where can you buy Yerba Santa?

Some may have opportunity to pick leaves directly from Yerba santa plants. Know where you are, discover if you have permission to pick (from property owner as well as from plants). Do not be greedy, take only a little. Always ask before picking, and offer thanks for what you have been given.

Most of us don’t live in an area where Yerba santa can be picked fresh. You can order leaves or wands. Here are a few links showing a good selection:

Loose Yerba Santa Leaf Incense Wand

Yerba Santa Leaf Tea (Loose)

Yerba santa (Eriodictyon californicum) Liquid Extract

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