Simple Thanksgiving Prayer

November is the month known for gratitude and thanksgiving. How can we make this month’s theme a healing and enriching experience?

It takes a lot sometimes to muster up enough breath to say, “Thank you”. Heck, we’ve even shorted these powerful words into slang with the word, “Thanks”.

I remember those big extended family dinners that spanned from the huge dining table to the “children’s section” at the equally impressive kitchen table. There was that dreaded time that someone had to start, with each person being asked to talk about something for which they were truly thankful. Let’s face it, to give thanks from the heart is to open yourself to others. That’s not an easy thing when the other 364 days of the year were spent picking and poking at your siblings!!

White sage blessings Thanksgiving

Giving thanks at the dinner table is still a wonderful thing. It’s great to bring focus to those things we appreciate. Thanks can also be given in silence, in prayer, or during a white sage smudging session. What are you grateful for?

Simple Thanksgiving Prayer

Open your ear to hear what thy people have to say
The smoke of our offering now bears our words to thee
Behold thy people gathered here
See they have come here to celebrate customs thou hast given us
Kind Father look down upon us
Let us have wisdom to perform faithfully what thou hast commanded

Continue to listen
The voice of all thy people is ascending to thee
By thy wisdom help thy people to avoid everything
which would tempt thy people to change their ancient faitH
Give us power to celebrate with our strength
and faithfully the ceremonies given to us by thyself

White sage smudging, using smoke as a communication with our guidance, has been used for centuries in many cultures. It was thought that smoke would get the attention of spirit, improving the odds that the prayer would be heard. Fire, such as candle light, is another means of spiritual communication. Another popular and time-honored way of communicating with spirit (aka praying) is sound, like native drumming or flute music.

Share your Thanksgiving Prayer

What is your prayer for this time of Thanksgiving? Let your voice be heard, and let your thoughts, words and actions be in alliance.


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