Should I Sage a House After Someone Passed Away?

A reader asks: “I would like to sage a house where a friend recently passed away, any suggestions? I have saged my house before just to clear the air. I have not done this where somone has passed away. Can I or should I reuse the sage bundle again somewhere else?”

Saging a House after Someone Passed Away

You can sage a house as both a blessing and a clearing of stagnant energies. Always remember to bring your thoughts to a place of honor, and call in the ancestors to be a part of your intentions. Give thanks to the person who has passed and wish them well on their journey, to be safe within their reconciliation as spirit.

Can A Sage Bundle Be Reused?

Thoughts about reusing a sage bundle can vary between different cultures, but one thought is that the sage sets an energy and is more of a tool for the thoughts and intentions of the one using the sage. You may want to dedicate a sage bundle to that person, using it only for them. Sage bundles are not expensive.

Smudging the Home Inside and Outside

You can smudge both inside the house and outside as well, clearing and cleansing the entrances to the home. Follow the passageways throughout the home and property, and use the sage to create sacred aka safe space.

A great book on smudging is
Sacred Smoke: The Ancient Art of Smudging for Modern Times

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