Setting Tone And Making Space For Your White Sage Blessing 2016

In our last posting we talked about White Sage Blessings for 2016 prosperity.

It’s one thing to think about what you have and what you want. It’s another thing to put those desires into action. The talk usually stops at that point, in the “put it into action” plan.

Today let’s focus on two powerful times of the day when you can set the tone and make the space for your White Sage blessing for 2016 prosperity.

The Triad of Life

Let’s recap what we talked about in the earlier post:

It’s a three part deal. First you have the conditions or environment, whatever it is you are facing or dealing with. Then you have the story, which is what you believe and the way you respond to your environment. Last is how you adapt to your world. Is there room within your heart for those things you ask for? Are you able to recognize that you have what you wanted, and can feel content or complete?

This is really a key part of creating anything. There is a bridge between your environment and your story about how it fits or works for you (or doesn’t work!). You are the key, in setting the tone for what you want, and creating a space for what you do want so when it comes you can really embrace it. The number three is the first of the numbers that truly connects.

setting tone making space white sage blessing 2016Twilight, Star Bright

While our world is always moving forward, there are two times in the day that are transitional in a big way. That is the time between night and day. Twilight: the soft glowing light that fades in the evening, and brightens in the morning.

“Soft glowing light” – sounds good, doesn’t it? Imagine for a moment being in a soft glowing light, and feeling safe, comfortable, accepted, and appreciated. Close your eyes for a moment and let yourself be within that light. Do you notice any thoughts blaring through? Are there emotions rising to the surface that are leading you in another direction?

Give it another moment. Be in that soft glowing light, where all things are good, everything feels right. If thoughts start popping up, just say “sorry, this isn’t the monkey mind hour”. Introduce your mind and your emotions to this twilight soft glowing light, and ask “isn’t this what you’ve been asking for?”

Creating your own twilight moments

Not everyone has the desire or ability to focus on their intuitive side during the world’s twilight hours of morning and evening. It is, after all, a busy world. You do have your own personal twilight times of the day, in that transitional time between waking and sleeping.

Imagine your own “soft glowing light” for a moment or two as you transition into sleep, or when you wake in the morning. During these times you can set the space with your soft glowing light. This is a good time to add in your intentions or prayers for the day.

You can choose a topic for the day, such as peaceful, or grounded. You can also just set that energy of your soft glowing light, and see how that affects your day. You might want to journal your experiences and observations, as this helps make it all more “real”.

Two Twilights

We have two twilights: one for the closing of the day, and the other for a new beginning. This is by design, just like inhaling and exhaling, waxing and waning. So many opportunities to practice and strengthen!

You can use your evening twilight for letting go of the day, and all those things that do not support you. This is also a good time to ask for special support as preparation for tomorrow.

In the morning you can be receptive to what was shared with you in the night, while your body was resting. You can also set intentions for the day.

Have fun with setting tone and making space for your white sage 2016 prosperity!!

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